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Diamonds Gentlemens Club

4635 Gateway Boulevard Northwest, Edmonton , Alberta T6H 5C3


Bar Night club

4635 Gateway Boulevard Northwest,
Edmonton, Alberta
T6H 5C3

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+1 780-428-2527

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  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    Horrible Experience. Been to shades as well as pinkys and must say they are by far much better. The staff at the door was friendly but the bartender was very arrogant and uninviting. I asked her when the girls would be out for a private dance she said during the show. The first show happened and there was no girls apart from the one performing. I asked them again if I could get a dance and was told that all the girls would be out after the first show. The first show ended and no other girls came out apart from the one that was performing. I had to wait half an hour after the show to finally get a dance. The girl was really nice but must say that the dances are much better at the other clubs. Not going here again.
    By FS Business Solutions, February 23, 2017
  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    Horrible. The staff was absolutely crap. Right from the start I was treated like some jerk by the coat check girl for a shirt I was wearing that had a hood. OK. Fine. Still allowed people to wear ball caps, but no hood. Then I realized they sell hooded sweaters in the coat check. You can buy their hoodies but don't you dare wear your own. My group arranged diamonds limo service and I was total garbage. They advertise all these perks that come along with the service but ass soon as you get Into the bar they treat you like crap. Our booth wasn't private they simple pulled open a curtain and anyone could enter our booth. The staff lied to our group and said they were delivering bottle service which never came. Our group reserved and paid for the service and we never got anything. Diamonds esmonton just wants you in the bar and once you're in they try to bleed you of your money. Total scam.
    By Mike Mckey, October 15, 2016
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About Diamonds Gentlemens Club in Edmonton

Diamonds Gentlemens Club is a bar and night club in Edmonton, Alberta. Diamonds Gentlemens Club is located at 4635 Gateway Boulevard Northwest.

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